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Mr Jan Mallia Azzopardi

We are pleased to welcome Mr Jan Mallia Azzopardi to the St Anne Clinic practice.  Jan's expertise will continue to strengthen our team of medical professionals and also offers an added new service to our clients.


After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology (Hons) from the University of Malta in 2011, I went on to complete my Dual Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, School Psychology and Counsellor Education from the University of Maryland (USA), as well as a Masters in Transcultural Counselling from the University of Malta. The latter courses placed specific emphasis on Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Current Post

I am currently employed as a Principal Counsellor within the Ministry of Education. My role involves managing the counselling and guidance services of the College at both primary and secondary level. I am also responsible for counselling both primary and secondary school students on both individual and group basis. My role also includes the supervision of students, trainees, and senior counsellors.

Why a Child Counsellor?

Child counsellors typically work with children dealing with mental and emotional problems. The specialisation is important as while conditions may be similar to those experienced by adults, the symptoms expressed, as well as the particular experiences of these children and/or adolescents with these issues may be very different. Similarly, the treatment pathways and medium of communication may also be different.

Counselling Experience

Throughout my years as a counsellor, I have worked within a number of different settings and diverse client groups. I have counselled children and adolescents in state orphanages, namely St Patrick’s Home and Fra Diego Home. I have also counselled minors with intellectual and physical disabilities at Helen Keller Resource Centre, Agenzija Sapport and Malta Sports Council. I have counselled children with challenging behaviour at St Thomas More Resource Centre as well as Zebbug Learning Support Centres. I also have experience counselling children and parents of children living with Autism at Inspire Malta and I have counselled adolescents and adults at the Prison Inmate Programme. On a daily basis I also work with children and adolescents who have just received a clinical diagnosis, children with difficult family or life circumstances, children who have lost a loved one, as well as children who feel hopeless, helpless, and simply need some guidance.



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